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RICO Crimes Defense Lawyer

Facing RICO Charges? You Need An Effective Defense

If you have been charged with a RICO violation - or if you believe you are under investigation - you should immediately talk to a criminal defense lawyer who handles white collar crimes. These are serious charges that can lead to life-changing consequences.

Attorney Kerry C. Connor offers experienced defense in state and federal courts in all types of white collar cases, including RICO charges. To schedule a consultation to discuss your charges, please contact her law firm online.

What Is The Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)?

This is a law that was passed in 1970 to address various Mafia and/or mob-related crime. This law is often used to prosecute an individual or group of individuals suspected of committing several crimes.

Since RICO was passed, this law has been used to prosecute individuals suspected of committing a wide range of offenses - not just those involved in mob-type activity. Attorney Kerry C. Connor defends individuals in Northern Indiana who have been charged with the following RICO violations:

Attorney Connor has more than 30 years of experience, and has obtained numerous acquittals, dismissals and other favorable results on behalf of clients. She will work hard to seek similar results on your behalf.

Contact Kerry C. Connor For Effective Defense Of RICO Charges

If you have been charged under RICO, or if you are under investigation, please do not wait to contact our federal criminal defense attorney. More options may be available during the earliest stage of your case. Call TODAY for HELP!

RICO Crime Defense Attorney

Kerry C. Connor's approach is compassionate, highly communicative and nonjudgmental. 

Call Our Law Firm Today For Sound Legal Advice - Renowned as a stellar defender of her clients' constitutional rights and a leading federal criminal appeals lawyer in Northern Indiana, Attorney Connor is your best choice for legal representation.


Schedule a meeting with Kerry C. Connor to discuss your legal options.

Kerry C. Connor has represented hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges and handled complex civil litigation matters in state and U.S. federal courts. She is widely recognized as a sophisticated, hardworking criminal defense attorney who relentlessly defends her clients' rights, reputations and futures. Her career credentials demonstrate a long-standing commitment to criminal defendants at both the trial and appellate levels.

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