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Federal Sex Crime Defense Representation

If you or someone you love is involved in a federal sex crime situation - finding the right legal representation is very important. You need a lawyer who has experience fighting federal sex crime charges and understands the severity of the charges brought before you. A guilty verdict can result in registration as a sex offender. If you want to avoid the life-altering implications of a criminal record and harsh punishments that could accompany conviction, contact attorney Kerry C. Connor for help as soon as possible. Attorney Connor knows what it takes to set you up for success in your federal sex crime case. The sooner you reach out - the better your chances are of receiving a desired outcome.

What are Federal Sex Crimes?

The state district attorneys often prosecute sex crimes, but the federal government steps in if the offense crosses state lines or breaks federal law. The most common federal sex crimes are computer sex crimes, sex trafficking, kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual offense, child pornography, sex crimes that result in death, and child sexual exploitation. These are very serious crimes that often have very serious consequences – it is crucial to have experienced representation if you’ve been accused of committing a federal sex crime. Federal sex crimes require a specialized approach and a unique skill set. Attorney Kerry C. Connor knows what it takes to be successful in these sex crime cases and will explore every legal option available to you.  

Avoid Federal Sex Offender Registration

If you’re convicted of a federal sex crime, you will be registered as a sex offender. This means that your name will be released with a head shot picture and a detailed report of your crime for the public to view. Registration as a sex offender can make it difficult to obtain employment or housing moving forward. It also limits where you can go and who you can see - thus hindering your freedom. Avoiding registration as a sex offender should be a top concern. Protecting your reputation throughout your federal sex crime case is difficult, but necessary if you want to move forward after an accusation. If you want to avoid federal sex offender registration, reach out to attorney Kerry C. Connor as soon as possible. 

Federal Sex Crime Charge Representation

Kerry C. Connor's approach is compassionate, highly communicative and nonjudgmental. 

Call Our Law Firm Today For Sound Legal Advice - Renowned as a stellar defender of her clients' constitutional rights and a leading federal criminal appeals lawyer in Northern Indiana, Attorney Connor is your best choice for legal representation.


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Kerry C. Connor has represented hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges and handled complex civil litigation matters in state and U.S. federal courts. She is widely recognized as a sophisticated, hardworking criminal defense attorney who relentlessly defends her clients' rights, reputations and futures. Her career credentials demonstrate a long-standing commitment to criminal defendants at both the trial and appellate levels.

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