Representing Those Accused Of Internet Crimes

If you have been arrested for an Internet-related offense, you are likely facing rigorous federal prosecution. Consequences of conviction may go far beyond prison time, including lifetime registration as a sex offender for many such offenses.

The days when illegal activity online went largely undetected are in the past. Authorities at the federal, state and even local levels have become more focused on Internet crimes and more sophisticated in their surveillance and forensic capabilities. When it comes to child pornography possession and other Internet sex offenses, enforcement has been notable on a national level, with multiple investigations that have led to 50-plus arrests.

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Experienced Representation For Those Accused Of Internet Crimes

Kerry C. Connor is a skilled constitutional rights advocate with more than 25 years of experience in federal litigation and appeals. She has achieved a strong track record of success challenging the legality of searches and seizures and pursuing other defense strategies on behalf of people accused of crimes such as:

  • Internet sex offenses, including possession or transmission of child pornography and child solicitation
  • Wire fraud and other financial offenses involving use of the Internet

Did Law Enforcement Officers Or Agents Violate Your Rights?

Since most arrests for Internet offenses result from sting operations or tips leading to the search of a home or workplace, it is essential to have a lawyer versed in Fourth Amendment protections on your side. With potential penalties that cannot be overstated and case law that is constantly evolving, Ms. Connor's knowledge of all aspects of federal criminal procedure - including strategies for excluding evidence - could well prove pivotal for your future.

Kerry C. Connor's approach is compassionate, highly communicative and nonjudgmental. To speak directly with an attorney for Internet crime defense, call her today at 800-266-2219 or send an email inquiry now.