Protecting Your Rights Against Firearm Charges

Punishment for a gun-related crime can be extremely severe even in cases where there was no injury or criminal intent. A conviction can bring years in prison, heavy fines and a criminal record that follows you everywhere, damaging all future opportunities for jobs and housing.

Attorney Kerry C. Connor in Highland has extensive experience defending clients who face charges for firearm crimes in Northern Indiana and nationwide.

After more than 25 years in practice focused predominantly on federal criminal defense and appeals, she has developed specific strengths in dissecting prosecutors' cases and finding the best strategies for defense against:

  • Charges faced by gun dealers and other federal firearm licensees, including illegal sales and record-keeping violations
  • Charges of conspiracy to defraud the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) or another federal agency
  • Crimes related to possession and sales of machine guns, automatic and semi-automatic weapons, lasers, and other highly regulated equipment
  • Illegal possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Individual charges against gun buyers such as making a "straw purchase" of a gun for another person or making false statements on applications
  • Firearms charges that often arise out of arrests for other violent crimes such as armed robbery

Kerry C. Connor has experience handling all types of firearms-related cases and she has devoted her professional career to protection of individuals' constitutional rights, livelihoods and futures. She is versed in all aspects of criminal procedure and the workings of federal court, from bail and preliminary hearings to pretrial motions, trial, sentencing, appeals and post-conviction relief.

Your first step to getting justice for yourself and your family, after a firearms arrest, is to contact Ms. Connor for an initial consultation. Your email message will be responded to promptly. Or call today — 800-266-2219 toll free.