About Kerry C. Connor Attorney At Law

Attorney Kerry C. Connor's distinguished career in criminal defense and complex civil litigation has made a positive difference in many lives since her practice was established in 1988.

While she has practiced extensively in state courts in Indiana, Virginia and California, litigation and appeals in federal courts have been Ms. Connor's primary focuses. She has served as lead counsel in dozens of bench and jury trials, and is versed in all aspects and phases of federal criminal defense practice — to the benefit of a wide range of white collar crime clients.

Today, Kerry C. Connor appears predominantly in the northern district of Indiana's Hammond, Fort Wayne, Lafayette and South Bend divisions of United States District Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. She maintains numerous other court admissions and travels widely to represent her clients.

Ms. Connor has been an active member of Criminal Justice Act panels in three states. She has been appointed to several federal court committees and currently serves on committees focused on criminal jury instruction and local rules.

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